Consumable-Navi Payment Methods Instructions

Payment Terms

Every purchase requires payment before its shipment.
In ALL cases, we will process your orders once we received your payments in full.
Customers are requested to cover the money transfer costs (i.e., bank charges) so we can receive your payments in full.

If you choose to pay through online payment system (PayPal, etc.), you will be transferred to services you chose at order confirmation.
Clear the payment at the destination site will complete your payment to Consumable-Navi.

If you cancel your payment and leave the site, or, if the procedure was unintentionally ended, your order will be recorded as a "failure".
The order history will have the record of your attempt but it will not be processed.

"Failure" orders cannot be retrieved.
If you wish to order the same, please use "Re Order Now" button on right end of the row in order history to copy your order into shopping cart and correct quantity to your desire.

If you choose to pay through Bank Transfer, Consumable-Navi will not request/remind you for the payment.
Please bring forward your payment responsibly as it is the trigger for us to process your order.

Cancellation Policy

Please be noted we can not accept any cancellation on the basis of the electronic consumer contract.
Please check the details carefully before confirming your order as the order cannot be changed and cancelled once placed.

Payment Methods

We accept PayPal, Bank Transfer methods for your payment. Please review below for conditions required for each methods and choose one most convenient for you.


PayPal is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. PayPal serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders. They have their own regulations and security policies that has been favorably recognized at many shopping and auction sites. Below are some information you will find in PayPal homepage.

Works with a network of more than 190 countries and regions, and in 18 currencies.
Local customer support at 17 Countries

If you wish to make your payment in currencies not accepted in Consumable-Navi, or, use credit card for other than JPY settlement but still you want QUICK processing just like a credit card, you may want to consider adding PayPal into your choice.

Create your PayPal account at PayPal site, specify your credit cards and currencies you wish to use for your settlement. You can then use your credit card and desired currency for payment at Consumable-Navi by choosing PayPal when you are checking out your shopping cart.

Bank Transfer

Please make your payment to:

Bank Transfer Info open link in new window

Above information is for your reference only, your order has not been completed until the payment has been made.
We recommend you to send a copy of bank transfer Application form (receipt) to us by e-mail, it will shorten procedure.
Your order will be shipped upon receipt of your payment!
If you have any questions, please email to:

Other Payment methods

Orders of customer who has an agreement that supersedes the conditions of Consumable-Navi will be processed according to such agreement.
For any other conditions, please contact us (KOKUSAI Chart) through Consumable-Navi.
We would do our best to find the way to be of your service!

General Reminders

  • PayPal settlements will be performed at pages offered by respective service compnies. You will be transferred to the page according to your payment method choice after confirming your purchase. Once you have completed the procedure, you will be brought back to Consumable-Navi page.
  • If the payment procedure was terminated without completion, whether intentionally or by accident, your purchase order will not be processed. Your shopping cart will remain as not checked out. This is a system for preventiing an order duplication error.
    In these cases, Consumable-Navi will not give you further alert for completing orders, therefore it is recommended to always confirm your order status at Consumable-Navi just after you made a purchase. If you are unclear or uncertain with the status of your order, please contact us for the support.
  • PayPal settlements are in our security "https" area secured by VeriSign. Your information will be safely transferred.
  • (Click on banner for certificate by Verisign)
  • In ALL payment method cases, we will process your orders once we received your payments. Basically, Consumable-Navi will not request/remind you for the payment. Please bring forward your payment responsibly as it is the trigger for us to process your order.
  • PayPal, completion of your payment procedure at their respective settlement pages will be considered as the receipt of your payment.
  • Bank Transfer, arrival of fund at our designated bank account will be the receipt of your payment. You will be notified of our receipt by an email. You can also confirm it through updated order status in Consumable-Navi Order History page.
  • If you require further assistance with regards to your payment methods, please consult us before you make a purchase with us.

Thank you,
Kokusai Chart Corporation
Store Owner