Introduction to the “Consumable-NAVI”

1. Introduction

Consumable-NAVI is an online shop managed by KOKUSAI Chart.
Kokusai chart is famous in Japan as a supplier for top quality recording papers. By becoming a member, customers can now purchase top quality recording charts for any recorder manufactures at reasonable prices through our online shop.
We will deliver products from our Japanese factories straight to your door by International courier service.

2. Products in store

Kokusai chart offers supplies for Hybrid recorders, Strip chart recorders, Circular recorders, XY recorders and measuring instruments from major international recorder manufacturers.
Our specialty is making recording chart papers such as Z-fold (Fan fold) charts, roll charts, sheet papers and circular charts.
We offer recording charts from major recorder manufacturers including Yokogawa, Honeywell, Eurotherm Chessell, Chino, Yamatake, ABB-Kent, Jumo, E+H, Fuji, Hioki and NEC-Sanei.
In addition, we supply pens, print head and ink ribbons for recorders.

3. Special Features

Please type in the product name on the TOP Search Bar on the Consumable-NAVI Top page.
A maximum of five product names, separated by a space, can be searched using this system.
Click on the Search button and a list of related products will be displayed.
By clicking on the products of interest, the items can be added to the shopping cart.
Alternatively, you can search by product categories (e.g. pen, ribbons, chart papers) or by brands (e.g. Yokogawa) or chart recorder models (e.g. uR10000) and narrow down your search by the using the ‘Narrow Down’ Menu, a function that has strengthened the search capability of our website.
Using the online shop, members can qualify for further discounts on unit prices of our products.
In addition, we have introduced a multi-functional and interactive website, enabling members to register their favorites on the Wish List, check their previous purchases on Purchase History, set up repeat orders, query or request products, and contact our customer services directly.
Members can also check their orders and query status, and look up query log (history) using our Dash Board Page.

4. Membership registration

A membership is free of charge and is required for any purchases. Once registered (delivery address, customer’s company name, address, membership user name and password required) customers can instantly purchase the products from their shopping carts.

5. Payment

We accept transactions in the following currencies: JP Yen, US$, Euros if payments are made via bank transfer or PayPal.

6. Delivery

Different delivery and purchase addresses can be set up.
For example, products can be purchased in the U.S. and delivered to European factories.
There is no limit to the number of delivery addresses that can be set up.

7. Enjoy shopping! How to use Consumable-NAVI