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  • Windows + InterNet Explorer is required for shopping at Consumable-Navi. >> Read the entire rule...
  • Min. Order Qty varies per product. Please refer to product details.
  • PAYMENT METHODS accepted are PayPal, or Bank Transfer
  • Currencies accepted are Japanese YEN (JPY), US$, and Euro (EUR).
  • PAYMENT must be completed at the time of order (CC, PayPal) or within 7 days after the order (Bank Transfer)
  • -KC on the prodcut names means they are KOKSUAI Chart PRODUCTS!

Easy & Smooth Checkout!!

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  • SigunUp or Login
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  • Choose Delivery & Payment Method
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  • Checkoou

Choose Product

Find what you want. Our strong search functions will help you.

Global Search Box


Enter up to 5 keywords in the search box and chose AND or OR conditions, then click Go button.
It will grab any product in the shop with complete or partial match of characters in their names and descriptions.
The result will be listed in the center of the screen with Narrow down Bar appearing.
This function will clear the page and the new result will be shown if executed while reviewing the other products or search results.

Category Search (First Search Items)


Top 3 boxes of left sidebox are First Search Items.
Choose one and click on it will begin search. The result will be shown in center of the screen with Narrow down Bar appearing.
This function will clear the page and the new result will be shown if executed while reviewing the other products or search results.

Narrow down your result


Narrow down Bar appears underneath Global Search box with the result of above two searches.

It has dropdown lists of Product, OEM, Model, and one additional keyword box.

The function accepts using all 4 conditions individually or combined. This function will use the products shown in the page and will not clear the page.

Searching TIPS

  1. If the your search result became a long list, you may want to change a Catalog view (default) to a List view. The button is in Narrow down bar, far right.
    It will have more items per a page.
  2. If you searched with product name, but cannot find one in result list, please make sure the name you used is not listed in "Equivalent Product Name" box.
    It is shown next to Product name on right hand side.

Add your choice into your shopping cart.
Please split your order if you need more than 30 items. Request us for a combined shipping through Contact Us.
Members may want to keep them in your Wish List for the future use, too (available once you login to members' area).

SignUp or Login

Now your shopping cart has product of your choice. Login and access the cart.

If you have an account, please login. If you are a new customer, please register for the membership from our registration page.
Registered member has many advantages such as special price, special campaign, detailed product information.

If you need anything else, repeat searching procedure to find what you want.
Once all products are stored into shopping cart, proceed to CHECKOUT (button on right TOP corner)

Choose Delivery and Payment Method

In shopping cart, confirm or change order details.

Confirm Your Product Choices: Quantities per product are set here.
If you wish to cancel the choice, delete the product from your list.

Shipping Method: Choose shipping service and method.
Available choices are provided in drop down list.

Delivery & Billing Address: Choose from registered address.
In case you need to add or change address, move to profile managing page by clicking on "Add New" button.

Once all are confirmed, shipping weight and cost will be calculated.

Payment Method:Choose from PayPal, or Bank Transfer. (...More Info >>)

All four (JPY, USD or EURO) can be used.
Bank Transfer
All four (JPY, USD or EURO) can be used.

Payment TIPS

  1. PayPal payments will be cleared immediately.
    It is recommended to settle through them if you are in a hurry.
  2. Bank transfer usually requires additional application procedure and a few more days before it reaches us.
    On the other hand, it is the most flexible method in terms of currency and your bank account for funding the payment.
  3. If your PayPal transaction failed for any reason (intentional or unintentional, incl.
    authorization failure), the order status will be FAILURE and it will not be processed.
    It is recommended always check the status of your orders in your Order History Page after confirming the order.


Complete your order by clicking on Confirm Order button.

Consumable-Navi will check your shopping cart.
If any items you specified require a change, it will stop order processing and will ask you to change them.
Please update with correct information and try again.

If you forgot to add anything, simply exit shopping cart and search the product, add it into the cart and repeat the confirmation procedure.

Your cart will be kept as long as you are logged in, however, if you exit Consumable-Navi, the products collected into the cart will be cleared.
This is for safety reason.
In order not to loose

Proforma Invoice is available once you have completed the order.
If you need a printout of the order in advance to your confirmation, please use print function on your web browser.

Once you have confirmed the order, you will receive an e-mail notification for the order from Consumable-Navi.

Returns and Cancellation

If you need any help, please feel free to contact us through Consumable-Navi.
We hope you will enjoy shopping with us.

Kokusai Chart Corporation
Store Owner