Shipping & Returns

All shipments will be effected after the payment arrived at our end.

Shipping Methods

We will ship all orders using UPS. We chose UPS because:

  • Reasonable cost - relatively low in its cost, good balance of cost and service.
  • Reliable and Safe - UPS is a worldwide company.
  • Worldwide service - UPS has very wide and safe alliance with worldwide network.

In other cases, the choices of shipping methods will be listed in Consumable-Navi shopping cart.  Consumable-Navi will list only services available at the time.  All orders will be shipped via the method selected by the customer.

IF YOU NEED ADDITIONAL ASSISTANCE PLEASE CONTACT US FOR SUPPORT (specific service you want to use, extreme hurry, need special documentations, etc.)

The shipping charge will be calculated to the weight of your products' selection and displayed in a cart accordingly.  Total weight of your cart will include box weight.

Delivery Durations

Delivery Durations is "the total number of days required for an order to reach the destination requested by customer".  It consists of [Production Lead-time (LT)] + [Shipping Duration].

Production Lead-time (LT)

Production Lead-time (LT) of your order is "required number of days for products to be shipped from our factory after the order has been confirmed".  LT of ea. product is listed inside Consumable-Navi.  These days listed are nominal days and we may require extra days.   In such case it will be promptly informed to the customer.  It is calculated for business days, holidays and our closing days are not in count.  An order will only be processed after we received the payment.  An order will be processed according to the longest LT among the products purchased.  If you need certain products in a hurry, you may want to purchase it separately.

Shipping Duration

Shipping duration varies according to the destination and methods chosen.

We use UPS for all our shipping.  Shipping duration depends on destination and conditions of each case,  UPS do not clearly indicate its shipping duration for some destinations.

Following are the example of nominal days listed in the service providers' information.  For Detail of each service, please refer to the providers' web sites.

Shipping Method Duration  
UPS 3 to 7 Days  
AIR Not available today: contact us for the service  
Ocean Not available today: contact us for the service  


Tracking of your shipment

Please check service provider's website.

Refund Policy for Unsuccessful Delivery

Refund policy is not applied at any case including items damaged, lost etc.  All claims applicable will be applied for Return Policy, otherwise, insurance should be applied.

Return Policy

If there was a factory's defect or damage due to production, Kokusai Chart will either repair the damage for you or send you a replacement.  Kokusai Chart will not refund you for such cases.
Returns will only be accepted at Kokusai Chart if the defect was reported to Kokusai Chart and it was authorized by Kokusai.  Please file a claim within 14 days after products arrived, immediately after it was found.
Please submit email to mail address with reference items (photo of defected product would be the best).

Return Parcel

The parcel may return to us with one of the following reasons.

  • Insufficient / incorrect Address
  • Recipient Moved, unable to forward
  • Not Deliverable as Addressed, unable to forward
  • Unclaimed upon arrival
  • Refused by recipient
  • All other reasons for parcel to be returned to us

The customer should be responsible for return delivery charge and re-shipment charge if parcels or goods returned due to a customer related reasons.
Please make sure you have checked the following to prevent shipment returns:

  • Make sure the parcel will be received at your given delivery address.
  • Please check deliberately on your shipping address before check out.
  • Provide a valid telephone number in your profile for easy contact by local UPS Office in case of any delivery problems may arise.
  • Check your local UPS Office website frequently with the delivery tracking number provided, if available, for your parcel arrival status.
  • If you are planning to move in the very near future, make sure to use the NEW address you will be in at.  If your address is not confirmed but you will require quick delivery at your settled address, please contact us! for support.

The above terms and conditions are subject to our final decision.
If you need any help, please feel free to contact us! through Consumable-Navi.  We hope you will enjoy shopping with us.

Kokusai Chart Corporation
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